Bulk Gypsum

excellent source of calcium and sulfur for plants and soil

Greenwalk Environmental knows the value in soil additives, and we know gypsum is a key component in maintaining superior turf. Our bulk gypsum products, help you maintain the right calcium balance in your soils, and we deliver throughout Louisiana.

Our product is a finely ground, pure, mined gypsum which is easy to use. It will deliver a high level of readily available calcium and sulfur to the soil.

Note: for best results, spread product and wet thoroughly for incorporation into the soil.

Uses include:

– New turf
– Established turf
– Established trees and shrubs

Spreading gypsum helps improve soil structure, allows for increases in oxygen and water penetration, and helps to remove salt from effluent water.

We can help you choose the perfect product for your turf grass needs. Call us on 504-828-4092, and let us know what you’re looking for. We’re happy to help.

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Why gypsum? Our product gives you an even spread to ensure that both calcium and sulfur are delivered to the soil. Gypsum improves soil structure, and compaction of clay soils, which in turn improves the water and oxygen penetration to stimulate microorganism growth.