Bulk Pea Gravel

landscaping, construction projects, or drainage needs, … Greenwalk delivers high-quality gravel in Louisiana

Whether used for decoration or construction, bulk pea gravel from Greenwalk Environmental provides exceptional quality at affordable prices.

We carry a variety of gravel that lets you finish any project you’re working on — from walkways and patios, to driveways and French drains. Hundreds of customers have called on us to deliver pea gravel on commercial and residential projects.

Ask about gravel types to give your landscaping the exact feel you or your client wants: pea gravel, slate chips, river gravel, and river rounds. Let Greenwalk help you create a custom-finished solution that matches perfectly your design and intent.

Landscaping gravel lasts longer than mulch and pine straw, and it provides durable performance for outdoor spaces. Use our gravel to define walkways, outdoor patios or dry creek beds.

Construction gravel, used for masonry projects and drainage, provides solid footing for many landscaping projects. Without reliable, high-quality gravel as the foundation of your project, landscaping longevity may suffer. Our team will help you select the perfect gravel type and size for your project.

Call 504-828-4092, and let us know what you’re looking for. We have the rock you want.

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