USGA Bunker Sand

snow white silica,
premium quality,

There is always a demand for high-quality USGA bunker sand.

Win the bunker battle by installing the sand that’s right for your course. Selecting the best sand for your bunkers is important – at Greenwalk, we will be happy to assist you with selecting the right shape, composition, and sand infiltration rate for your course.

Architects, contractors, superintendents and golfers alike are requesting better bunker sands. The aesthetic impression such as color, playability, maintenance, drainage properties and stability on flashings are all values that attention is being paid to.

Greenwalk’s USGA bunker sand:

– Non-calcareous
– Sub-angular to sub-rounded
– Washed and classified to correct particle size
– Minimal silt and clay
– Good drainage properties
– High infiltration rates
– No crusting

Greenwalk’s premium bunker sand is a snow white silica sand used in the construction and maintenance of golf course bunkers across the region. It has a very low tendency to bury based on the fried-egg lie potential test, and guess what?

It also is a favorite of landscape architects and designers, and it works well a variety of applications, such as playgrounds, beach volleyball courts, garden pathways, and in the construction of man made beaches.

We can help you choose the perfect product for your turf grass needs. Call us on 504-828-4092, and let us know what you’re looking for. We’re happy to help.

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GreenWalk Environmental provides you with excellent and consistent-quality USGA bunker sand to help you build or maintain an exceptional facility.

Call on Greenwalk Environmental to discuss your needs. We have the highest quality USGA bunker sand available year round for delivery across Louisiana. Greenwalk was founded by golf course superintendents for golf course superintendents — we understand your needs and priorities.