USGA Top Dressing Sand

improve smoothness,
dilute thatch buildup,
and help turf recover
with USGA top dressing

Greenwalk Environmental has established good relationships with many of Louisiana’s top golf course superintendents, and we have a pulse on the needs of the courses in our area.

We provide high-quality USGA top dressing sand to help keep your grass healthy and look great.

Topdressing is a thin layer of material on top of the thatch on which bermudagrasses grow. Topdressing is the most effective treatment to control excessive accumulation of thatch in the root zone. The technique accelerates decomposition of thatch buildup, and reverses any negative effects.

Greenwalk’s topdressing meets all USGA standards proven by the golf industry.

We can help you choose the perfect product for your turf grass needs. Call us on 504-828-4092, and let us know what you’re looking for. We’re happy to help.

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Why topdressing? USGA sand topdressing helps maintain healthy turf and produce firm, smooth putting greens, and the best topdressing programs account for a variety of factors that are unique to each facility.

Call on Greenwalk Environmental to discuss your topdressing needs. We have the highest quality topdressing sand avilable year round for delivery across the state of Louisiana. Greenwalk was founded by golf course superintendents for golf course superintendents — we understand your needs and priorities.