Argentine Bahia

a reliable and attractive,
heat tolerant grass …
with fine leaf texture and dark color

Argentine Bahia is a Bahiagrass that originated in South America. It is well suited to southern, and particularly, the Louisiana climate.

Its broad leaves, with nice, dark green color make it a superior choice for lawns and in landscape applications. It also is an excellent choice for coastal areas, and in areas that get or maintain moisture.

Argentine Bahia has an attractive look that is appealing to homeowners, and it also is well suited for farms and pastures because of its thin blade and good forage.

Argentine Bahia is an excellent grass for damp, wet climates, and is ideally suited to full sun.

Color: Dark green.

Use: Home lawns, golf course roughs, farmland and pastures.

Soil: Sandy, clay, or peat.

Characteristics: Good to great drought tolerance, nice color, best in full sun, well suited for a variety of uses across Louisiana and the Southern United States, an excellent choice in damp, wet climates.

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