Centipede Sod

a low maintenance, durable choice for lawns and areas where large green space is desired

Centipede is an appropriate grass for full sun to part shade. Grown from sod or seed, Centipede can establish a drought-tolerant, slow-growing lawn that requires less maintenance. This makes it ideal for homeowners who want to spend less time mowing the yard, and it also is a good option for public use, municipalities, and apartment complexes where maintenance budgets are an issue.

What’s more? It is a non-attractant of Canadian geese and deer, which makes it a good choice for airports, and along roadways.


Color: medium to dark green

Use: Home, commercial, municipal

Soil: Sandy or clay

Characteristics: Heat and cold tolerant turfgrass with medium green color and texture. Used best in large areas such as parks, expansive yards, and along roads and highways.

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