Emerald Zoysia

a deep green grass,
with lush texture, and …
good wear tolerance

Emerald Zoysia, as the name suggests, is an emerald green, lush, thick sod that crowds out weeds and other grasses. It is a great choice for lawns and landscapes across Louisiana.

Emerald Zoysia has excellent heat tolerance, good wear tolerance, and is resistant to disease. It is drought tolerant, but make sure to avoid standing water. Emerald also is suited for full sun to medium shade.

Color: Emerald-green to deep green.

Use: Showpiece lawns and landscapes, commercial grass islands or entrance ways, large commercial areas, business entrances, and in parks or patios near garden paths.

Soil: Sandy or clay.

Characteristics: Good to great wear tolerance, drought tolerant, shade tolerant, insect resistant, disease resistant, with good weed control properties.

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