Geo Zoysia

a deep green,
drought tolerant,
soft, plush grass

Geo Zoysia is a fine-blade, dark green turf grass, with excellent color retention.

Geo Zoysia is an excellent choice for golf courses, sports fields, parks, commercial facilities, and homes.

Wear tolerant, shade tolerant, and drought tolerant, … Geo Zoysia is known as a “go to” grass in the turf industry. Only licensed turfgrass producers are authorized to grow Geo for sale. All licensed Geo production is monitored through ongoing quality control and quality assurance programs.

Geo has very good shade tolerance and has performed well in field and homeowner sites

Color: Deep green.

Use: Home, commercial, golf, sports turf, and parks.

Soil: Variety of soils – Sandy or clay.

Characteristics: Good to great wear tolerance, drought tolerant, and shade tolerant. It requires extra seasonal maintenance, but it is a great option for its aesthetic virtues and for its soft tact.

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