St. Aug – Floratam

excellent weed resistance, and fast, thick coverage, … a favorite for lawns south of I-10

Floratam is one of the most popular varieties of St. Aug grass seen in Louisiana, and across the Gulf South. It is fairly easy to care for, and recovers well from drought and damage — a favorite for many South of Interstate-10

Floratam St. Augustine grass was first cultivated in 1972, and has since been observed as the most drought tolerant St. Augustine grass. It is a vigorous, coarse textured St. Augustine grass variety that is planted frequently for the following reasons:

1. It has resistance to SAD virus
2. It is semi-resistant to chinch bugs
3. It is vigorous, establishes a ground cover rapidly, with a nice superior color
4. It has superior tolerance to mildew, gray leaf spot diseases and brown patch fungus than many other varieties

Color: Light green to medium green

Use: Home, commercial, sports turf

Soil: Sandy or clay

Characteristics: Good to great wear tolerance, drought tolerant, shade tolerant, insect resistant, disease resistant, with good weed control properties.

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