St. Aug – Palmetto

drought tolerant, chinch bug resistant, with reliable color, and low maintenance

Homeowners and businesses across the South like St. Augustine Palmetto grass. It has become a standard in many communities because it does well in full sun and partial shade. It also tolerates cold better than other varieties, and … it resists cinch bugs.

Palmetto provides a dense ground cover, and gives you a mature-looking lawn shortly after installing. It is a favorite of homeowners because it is easy to control at edges and borders. It provides a thick turf, and hides weeds well. It does, however, require a lot of moisture, and thus is well-suited for planting in rolls or as cut sod for lawns in south Louisiana.

Color: Light green to medium green

Use: Home, commercial

Soil: Sandy or clay

Characteristics: A shade tolerant St. Augustine grass variety, that also enjoys full sun. Palmetto provides a thick, green lawn with fine blade structure, and it produces thick-looking coverage quickly.

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